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VOIP Setup help

Post by spareparts » Tue Jul 10, 2007 8:29 pm

I have a remote user using a Cisco ATA-186 and an analog phone. On the transmit side we are using a 2600 router with a VIC-2E/M module (Definity PBX with a TN760B E&M card) The setup does not pass caller ID.

For VOIP, what CISCO module do I need to use an T1 or ISDN interface to pass caller ID to the remote station? We have spare trunk ports available in both flavors.

It's only one user and not worth the headache to set up an * server.

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Post by grinthock » Wed Jul 11, 2007 5:34 pm

you just happen to have posted this here, I'm a CCVP / IPTT / CVOICE certified. Drop me a PM and we can chat.

The E/M VIC won't do Caller ID... You need a T1 integration between the Definity and the router. So from a hardware perspective you will need an NM-HDV and a WIC-1MFT-T1 or similar, and at least a PVDM2-32 to provide DSP's.

Keep in mind the slot your E/M VIC is in probably will NOT take the T1 VIC as it requires dedicated DSP's... Drop a SHOW VER onto this thread and i'll help you. If you need some hardware let me know as well, I have some stuff sitting around here.

You are right --- setting up an asterisk is a bad idea, this is a better setup.
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