Motorola Genesis Series

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Motorola Genesis Series

Post by VE9MP » Thu Jun 23, 2005 2:34 pm

Personally, I own and use both a MT1000 and HT600 daily and I love them! They are easily some of the best radios I've ever used.
Their rugedness is right up there with the sabers, I could take one and fire it at the ground and it would work like new! Although no too feature rich they do what they are intended to better than I would have ever expected. The programmable scan lists kick ass on the MT1000 and the HT600 would be a perfect radio for a newbie, they're simple to operate and last forever.
Battery life is more than sufficient, and battery packs themselves are interchangable among all other genesis radio (MT1000, HT600, P200, MTX800, MTX810) as well, the speaker mikes, belt clips are all also interchangable.

Definately some of the best radios Moto has ever made!

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