CARS Springfest 4/6 Chesapeake, VA -- report

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CARS Springfest 4/6 Chesapeake, VA -- report

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My 2nd hamfest attended. This one was quite local It was in the bingo hall of a moose lodge.
There wasn't much pix worthy & I wasn't in a cellphone cam shooting mood. The room was big banquet room but in a small hotel sized.
The few local vendors were all there. The neighboring clubs had their tables. There was some good junk to dig through, and even more not to.

Other checks:
porcupine minivan -- check
hamabout -- check
odiferous individuals -- check

2 things I now regret not getting a pic of:
The disco ball on the ceiling.
The sign a block down at the gallery of girls announcing the arrival of the midget. :baby: :baby:

Despite all this, I can't complain. What the heck else was there to do.

Although this was Chesapeake, no I did not see Ricky Rudd.
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