Hamsexy Net Wednesdays - 9PM Eastern IRLP & Echolink

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Hamsexy Net Wednesdays - 9PM Eastern IRLP & Echolink

Post by ve7ltd » Wed Jul 27, 2005 12:16 pm

To join the net, please use the following VoIP resources:

IRLP - Vancouver Reflector Channel 9008
Echolink - Conference Bridge *VAN-IRLP*

The two systems are bridged using a single instance of "the bridge" conferencing software. There is no extra delay and no loss in audio quality.

Please note:

1) Since the net is run over radio, please remember to maintain some level of professionalism, as you will be transmitted all over the world when you key up and say your bit.

2) Make sure your radio linked Echolink and IRLP nodes do not send IDs, courtesy tones, or hangtimes to the net. If you do, your node will be muted or removed from the conference. If you know that your node has problems, make sure you tell the net controller so he/she/it can mute you before a problem occurs.

Hope to hear you all on the net!

Dave Cameron

P.S. Thank you to Jeff Dale VA3ISP for providing the hardware and software to run this conference bridge.

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